Welcome to work

Whether you're looking for a private office, a shared table, or space to hold your next meeting, we've made a place for you here.



The Switchboard. Connected Co-working and Offices.

Welcome to the Switchboard, a place to connect, collaborate, and create alongside a vibrant community of new entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals. The Switchboard houses 21 private offices and a variety of co-working and meeting spaces in the heart of the growing Fountain Square neighborhood. 


Why Switchboard?

Whether you want to co-work 24/7 or need a private office, multiple options keep things flexible.


We aren't a space that limits membership to high-profile startups, big businesses, or special types of people. We are here for everyone from all walks of life - sole-proprietor, remote worker, freelancer - you name it. Whether you want to be here for a single day, a month, or a year, you're welcome at Switchboard. Whether you're just passing through or looking to settle in, this is the place. Above everything, we strive to be inclusive, not exclusive. Becoming a member is simple and easy. The process only takes a few minutes from start to finish online - once confirmed, all you need is your smartphone with Bluetooth to open the door and settle into Switchboard.


Located in the Fountain Square neighborhood near downtown Indianapolis, our space offers both open and private space for yourself or your business. Our aim is to create an environment that prioritizes comfort and community over all. Whether you are a professional, nomad entrepreneur, student or creative, we truly believe that Switchboard will be your best place to get work done.  


We offer drinks and snacks, great wi-fi, free parking, printing, and mailboxes. We have both traditional seated desks and more relaxed areas when you want to stand up and move around. Sometimes you want to sit in a more lounge-like arrangement, sometimes you want a full conference table and chairs for a big presentation; we have both for you.