Come Bowl With Us

            In his groundbreaking book Bowling Alone (2000), Robert D. Putnam complied vast data to show the decline of American community. He observes that we are becoming increasingly disconnected from family, friends, and neighbors. We sign fewer petitions, know fewer neighbors, eat fewer family dinners, and even go bowling alone. As a result, we can feel less fulfilled and less known at our jobs and in our friendships, regardless of what the statistics or our social media feeds may project.

            One of the reasons we believe coworking is so important is that it fosters social capital in the very sphere of life that is often most isolating – work. Our community forms the “fabric of our connections with each other” and requires intentionality to be maintained. We want that for you. We want you to be in community - to love your work, know your neighbors, and even eat meals together.  

            Amidst an increasingly “connected” culture, Putnam argues we desperately need to reconnect. The Switchboard is one place this can happen. Come bowl with us.




Emily Vanest