Paint and Pinball

“I feel like there’s always something cool happening at the Switchboard,” my friend mentioned as I was telling her about our latest party. Best thing I’d heard all day. In the past few month, our space have been full of fun events. You may have heard of Plugged In, an educational, pre-work community event (with great breakfast), or any of our post-work 4pm happy hours (with great...after-breakfast...beverages). We know, it’s amazing.

But, it doesn’t stop there. At the Switchboard, we think there are ways to be creative and engaged at any time - even the middle of the day! And our members think so, too.

Take Synico Solutions Pinball Tournament (the first of their “Switch At Switchboard” events), for example. Hosted by Switchboard members, Richard and Nate, in our biggest conference room, this afternoon tournament made everyone’s Wednesday better. To add to this already incredible idea, the winner received a Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company gift card. Simple, short, entertaining, AND local. That’s a win, win, win, … win.


If that doesn’t sound like enough fun, the very next day we partnered with Tanya from Midwest Language Services in the best middle-of-the-day-craft-party you could imagine. What a perfect way to break the monotony of a rainy Thursday and learn more about other Switchboard members.

Pre-work, post-work, during-work events...we’ve got ‘em all. But, in reality, we know the best part about the Switchboard isn't these events, but the members behind them. It’s the collaborative, creative community that helps us love our job and you love your work.

So whether we are hosting an event or just quietly co-working, we agree: there’s always something cool happening here.

Emily Vanest