Plugged In!

On the third Thursday of every single month, Switchboard members and friends from the community come together to share in a little time away from our day to day.

Imagine what you can learn if you just listened to someone you didn’t know for ten minutes. Come to Plugged In and you’ll find out.

July 19, from 8:00-9:00 am, we'll be learning from three of our community members about developing and marketing our personal brands. 

Richard Walsh and Nate Walsh, Synico

Switchboard members, Richard and Nate, will share tips for successful social media branding.

Jesse Ghiorzi, Charge

Jesse Ghiorzi, Director of Brand Strategy for Charge, and Bates Hendricks neighbor, will discuss the importance of a  successful personal brand.

Jeff Batson, More Goat

Jeff Batson, Certified Advertising Specialist with Indianapolis based More Goat will help us understand the local promotional industry.


Emily Vanest