Keep Moving

If you’re anything like me, you may spend excessive amounts of time driving around looking for the cheapest gas station. After all, why pay $2.99 per gallon when you could be paying $2.89? Yes, I am aware that 10 cents doesn’t really matter (and that I’m actually likely losing money due to the extra driving), but it makes me feel like, in a small way, I am beating the inordinately-priced gas monopoly.

A few months ago, we talked about the high price of commuting to work. The money spent, time lost, and stress added are often simply not worth it. However, we are also aware that it a necessity for many. This is why we are so excited about some of the developments happening in Indianapolis that will make your commute, whether short or far, a little more enjoyable. You may even save some money on gas.

1. IndyGo Red Line

If you’ve ever had to ride the IndyGo, you will know that, in the past, it has hardly been the most efficient form of public transportation. This will hopefully be changed by the $96.3 million Red Line project. The Red Line will provide rapid transportation between Broadripple and the University of Illinois (passing right by the Switchboard!), better connecting you to your city. Read more about it here.

2.  Bikes

Biking in Indianapolis is only getting easier! The Indianapolis Cultural Trail connects us here in Fountain Square to the other downtown cultural districts. 8 miles in total, this loop is an easy, gas free commute to work (or lunch). Don’t own a bike? No worries. The Pacers Bikeshare  program allows you easy access to a bike for the day.

If you want own your own bike (and not take out a small loan to buy it), The Bicycle Hospital, Freewheelin’ Bikes, Bicycle Garage Indy, and Circle City Bicycles are great local businesses where you can buy or repair affordable, used bikes.  

Indiana is many things, but temperate is not one of them. If biking simply isn’t feasible due to rain, snow, sleet, wind, or a small tsunami, BlueIndy is for you. An electric car system with over 200 stations in Indianapolis, BlueIndy is an affordable, hassle-free way to commute.

I could go on, but, in short, alternative transportation is increasingly possible. We are thrilled to be right in the center of significant, dynamic city development. After all, transportation is really at the heart of our mission. We believe in movement - moving you towards your dreams. Both literally and figuratively, we are proud that the Switchboard can be a place where you can simply keep going.



Emily Vanest