Meet Josh

Meet Josh!


One of our favorite things about the Switchboard (if we had to choose) is the diversity of passions and skill sets among our members. Though other coworking spaces tailor to a specific “career niche,”  you can find our Switchboard members doing any and everything. Take Josh, for example!


Dedicated to helping the special needs community, Josh works on the marketing team for Harkla (and, by that, I mean he is the marketing team). Harkla is “a small but dedicated company whose goal is to provide families with the best products and resources for raising a special needs child.” But Harkla is also about relationships - “Our relationship doesn’t end when you purchase a product” they say, “For us, it is a matter of joining our community of families working together to raise happier and healthier children”.


And that brings us to our second favorite thing about the Switchboard - the emphasis on community. Though our members are each unique, doing vastly different things, there is a constant emphasis on the importance of relationships and connections in their personal and professional lives.  


We are grateful for what Josh does and how he contributes to our community. Working remotely for Harkla, we are overjoyed that he has found the Switchboard to be a productive place for him to do such impactful work.





Emily Vanest