Meet Allan

Meet Allan!

Co-founder and CTO of Massive, Allan believes that the web can still be a beautiful place and is committed to providing unbiased answers to your most important scientific questions.

Massive is an organization that trains scientists how to talk about their work in ways that everyone can understand and enjoy. Over the past year, Allan has built a vibrant community of over 300 STEM researchers and grown an audience of tens of thousands of dedicated, deeply curious readers, who are engaged with Massive and each other on a daily basis in their forums. After working with Massie, their scientist-writers have been offered to write op-eds in Nature, have been given book publishing deals, have been interviewed on BBC and CBC, and have jump-started their careers.

Currently, They are putting it all together by teaming up with scientists to offer monthly reports to help people make more informed decisions about health, habits and environment. Their first report will—which they are already working on and releasing next month—focuses on GMOs from a public consumer’s perspective and will answer questions like whether you should you buy, consume, and support GMOs. Their second report will be on the potential benefits and risks of clinical research into hallucinogenic drugs like MDMA. They also allow subscribers to interact with our scientists in our forum and ask them questions that will drive future reports. The reports will be one of a kind and totally Massive: authoritative and accessible, in-depth and interactive.

We are so thankful Allan has chosen to do this dynamic and important work from the Switchboard. If you are interested in Massive and what Allan does, Please subscribe to Massive Science Reports. Plus! As an early subscriber, you will get your first report for free.




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