Less is More

Picture this: It’s Monday morning, your alarm goes off, and you roll out of bed ready to go. You picked out your outfit the day before, pre-packed your lunch into a trendy mason jar, and finally remembered to program that automatic coffee pot. You think to yourself, “Self, this is it. This is the Monday you make it to work on time.”

But then you step outside and see your car. Rather, you see the mound of snow under which your car is buried. Twenty minutes and ten frozen fingers later, you’re finally on your way to work. All aspirations of beating the morning traffic are gone, and you resign yourself to another long commute. “Don’t worry,” you tell yourself, “You’ll get it next Monday.”

Following this, you spend all day in the office and skip lunch since you were late. By the time you get home 9 hours later, you barely have enough time to reprogram the coffee before you fall asleep.

Sound familiar?

According to ABC News, the average American spends 30 minutes commuting to work each way. Furthermore, the Bureau of Transportation Services estimates that 3.3 million Americans drive over 50 miles to work each day. Once you factor in traffic, construction, and inevitable weather delays, anyone would agree that that is too long to spend in a car. In their article, “Happiness at Work”, Psychology Today estimates you will spend 67,000 hours commuting and  90,000 hours at work in your lifetime. Imagine all the things you could do if those numbers were just a little smaller.

You’re busy and what you do is important, but here at the Switchboard, we know life is too valuable to spend half of it at work. As a co-worker, you can come when you want and stay as long as you need. You can miss traffic, take snow days, and come in late on Mondays. Located in the heart of Fountain Square, our space is central and accessible. It’s a space that works for you, not the other way around.

The Switchboard is a place that enables life to be a little more free and gives a little more time for the things that are really important. We would love for you to be a part of it.










Emily Vanest