A Place for You

Though the Switchboard will always be a place of constant innovation, the physical construction has, for now, abated. Floors have been sanded, furniture has been placed, and our new IKEA plants are happily watered. In addition, many unique touches have been added to make the Switchboard a truly distinct and dynamic work environment. Place-based art from local artists hangs on our walls, and our coworking space houses three refurbished phone booths for all your private phone call needs.

We care about these small touches because, at the Switchboard, we care about your work. We care about providing affordable spaces where you feel comfortable and tailoring them to meet your individual preferences. That's why we have both cozy meeting areas and professional conference rooms. Why we have private offices, individual desks, and shared co-working space. Whatever you do, we have a place for you

But the most important touch? Coffee. We have freshly ground coffee always brewing - ready to accompany you throughout your work day. We even have a space for you hang your own mug. And, for our tea drinkers, we have tea in all your favorite fall flavors. On a good day you might even find apples, plums, and granola bars. We have worked hard to create this comfortable environment where you can feel at home and would love for you to come check us out, find your perfect space, and add your very own coffee cup to our wall.



Emily Vanest