Assembly Required

Though sounds of construction have serenaded the Switchboard halls for many weeks now, unmistakeable signs of progress can be seen. The constant growling of the sander and seemingly ceaseless pound of the hammer grow increasingly intermittent - only to be replaced by the audible hum of life that is 735 Shelby Street.


735 Shelby Street - an address which, thanks to the multitude of Amazon and IKEA orders that have been made in the past month, the postman surely knows well.  Broken boxes pile in the entryway, their contents dispersed colorfully throughout the newly painted offices. From bright orange chairs to self-brewing coffee machines, Switchboard has created a vibrant and comfortable work space - “It’s like college without the midterms” Rex Fisher likes to say.


As desk, co-working, and office memberships begins to sell, our vision for creating a homebase for small businesses and freelance workers is coming true. And, get this, we aren’t even open yet. So contact us, schedule a tour, and come celebrate our grand opening on September 30th! Our community is quickly growing and we would love for you to join.

Emily VanestSwitchboard