Always Open

“Add business hours to Switchboard so it’s easy for people to plan a visit” was the Facebook notification on the Switchboard page this morning. While Facebook’s concern about the accessibility of our business is appreciated, they’re a step behind. We’ve already thought about that. In fact, we’ve made Switchboard as accessible as possible - you see, we don’t actually have business hours. We’re always open.

As a Switchboard member, you receive your own personalized lock code and 24/7 access to our space. So, whether you’re an early bird, night owl, or middle-of-the-day-pigeon kinda person, Switchboard works for you. No matter when you like to work, you can start and leave it here. Membership at Switchboard allows your home to truly be your home, but creates a comfortable environment where work can feel a lot like home too.

We are a collaborative, warm community and truly believe that, if you love great people, great coffee, and great hours, Switchboard is the place for you.  



Emily Vanest