A Vision



Saturday, September 30th marked both an ending and a beginning. As we prepared for our grand opening celebration, the remaining nuts and bolts were screwed into place. (Literally. Our mezzanine railing was installed the day before.) Construction was over and, after months of preparation and planning, the Switchboard was finally open! However, though September 30th marked both the official start of the business and the long awaited end of renovation, the Switchboard was project that began long before the actual construction. While most businesses are founded upon an idea, the Switchboard was catalyzed by a vision.

Let’s start with some history. Following the invention of the telephone in the late 1800’s, telephones were rented in pairs and required human operators to manage the calls. This was done through a system of interconnected circuits and chords which operators would switch to manually establish connection. This panel system was called a  “switchboard.”

Fast forward 138 years, and nothing much has changed. Though our mobile devices no longer require human operators, we still rely on human connections. The Switchboard is a place for that. A place where different individuals, businesses, ideas, and passions can come together to form an interwoven circuit and establish uncharted connections. 

Our vision, one of dynamic relationships and creative networks, relies on one thing - you. We have provided an office space unlike any other, but we need you and your work to help continue transforming this vision into a reality. 

In short, we hope you'll consider connecting with our switchboard. We want you here. 

Emily Vanest